Introducing Now GP…

Now GP is Europe’s largest virtual GP service, providing convenient healthcare and remote medical diagnosis to over 1 million people. The Now GP smartphone app allows users to have on-the-go video consultations with qualified NHS doctors, with guaranteed next day delivery of medicines to their home or office.

  • Delivery of medicines

    Now GP’s NHS-approved pharmacy solution guarantees next-day delivery of medicines nationwide.

  • iOS and Android

    Our multi-platform app offers you healthcare in the palm of your hand, ideal for today’s on-the-go society.

  • Privacy

    Secure encryption and advanced security systems ensure that your consultations and data are kept between you and your GP, with privacy paramount.

Data-led healthcare innovation

Now GP is committed to driving innovation and transforming how we as a nation access primary healthcare.

As the NHS continues to struggle to combat increasingly lengthy appointment waiting times and staff sickness continues to cost UK businesses billions of pounds annually, we’ve developed an innovation mHealth (mobile health) solution to bring convenience and accessibility back to healthcare, ensuring that booking a doctor’s appointment is no longer an arduous task.

As the technology at our disposal advances, we’re turning our attention to the development of new software, algorithms and artificial intelligence solutions which allow patients to take control of their own healthcare, by harnessing the power of data, machine learning and wearable technology.

We’re creating real-time, personalised patient profiles allowing our doctors to monitor health markers and spot signs of illness before the patient themselves are even aware they are unwell. Early intervention and predictive healthcare are key to an efficient and effective health system.


Healthcare in your hand, whether you're at home, at work or on-the-move

Diagnosis and advice from qualified NHS GPs available at your fingertips

Medicine delivery eradicates the need for inconvenient trips to the pharmacy

Patient convenience & ultimate accessibility

The average patient must wait 13 days to see their NHS GP in person, and this figure continues to rise. By embracing remote video technology, Now GP brings accessibility back to the healthcare system, with same-day appointments bookable within minutes to fit around you and your schedule.

Our medical diagnostic app enables users to connect remotely via the cloud to have a real-time, face-to-face consultation with a doctor of their choice, with GPs filterable by gender and language.

We are the only virtual GP service to offer a complete end-to-end primary care solution, with medicines deliverable to a patient’s home or office via secure courier service.

MRCGP-certified NHS GPs

Now GP recruits highly-qualified, MRCGP-certified doctors, with each GP carrying several years of practicing experience. Our Clinical Director, Dr Andrew Thornber, leads a team of NHS GPs who are trained in the delivery of app-based diagnoses and providing effective care and advice remotely.

The Now GP platform has been designed to provide high-quality healthcare for an increasingly on-the-go society. This has been achieved by combining the expertise and knowledge of experienced medical professionals with industry-leading, secure technology which offers patients ultimate convenience.

Patients have full control of which doctor they speak to, with our vast pool of GPs, nurses, counsellors and consultants filterable by gender, language and areas of expertise.

Now GP provides…

  • Professional diagnosis or advice for peace of mind
  • Electronic prescriptions or medicine delivery
  • Referral letters if further care is needed
  • Fit notes and back-to-work certificates
  • Self-test kits, results and feedback

Now GP cannot provide…

  • Physical patient examinations (however, physical symptoms can be identified by the GP)
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Emergency treatments (e.g. severe chest pains, heavy bleeding, strokes or broken bones)
  • Comestic, lifestyle or oral surgeries
  • The administration of vaccines

Medicines delivered directly to you

Now GP provides patients with the delivery of prescription medicines directly to their home or office address. This end-to-end solution eliminates the need for inconvenient visits to pharmacy when unwell and avoids taking unnecessary sick days off work.

Our Now Pharmacy distribution hubs offer next day medicine delivery guaranteed, and are issued in-app following your diagnosis from one of our Now GP doctors. We are the world’s first app to offer both the diagnosis and delivery of medication, bringing ultimate convenience to the way patients in the UK get the primary healthcare that they need. Those in central London can have their medicines at their door or on their desk in as little as two hours.

The Now GP service also provides electronic prescriptions which are sent directly to your local chemist and are redeemable from any UK pharmacy.


Look out for…

Now GP & wearable technology

As the market leader in the European mobile health industry, Now GP continues to drive innovation in healthcare. We are currently developing new solutions which harness the power of AI, machine learning and the data provided by wearable technology to offer patients personalised, biometric body profiles which can be monitored by our GPs.

We are developing algorithms which will processes, aggregate and organise real-time data and analytics to track healthcare trends and alert patients and their GPs to potential wellness concerns. This is all part of our ambition to provide a predictive healthcare service with a focus on early intervention.


Customer reviews

  • “Why has something so seemingly simple and time saving not been thought of before? Good work”

  • “Fantastic idea. Will make a huge difference!”

  • “Fantastic app. Simple to use. Doctor was professional and addressed my conditions. Would recommend and use again”

  • “Excellent service. Good audibility and picture”

  • “Fantastic app and service. Appointments to suit you. Well worth it, saved time not just getting to the docs but the usual 20 minute wait when you get there!”