80% of A&E Visits in Wales Are Unneeded

An NHS Wales chief has urged the public to consider alternative methods of primary healthcare in a bid to ease pressure on the overstretched accident and emergency departments at Welsh hospitals.

In an interview with the BBC, Chief Executive of NHS Wales, Dr Andrew Goodall, announced that a staggering 80% of patients who visited A&E units did not actually need to be there. He urged people with minor injuries and illnesses not to “clog up” accident and emergency departments this winter in order to avoid a repeat of last year’s busy period which led to one senior nurse compare pressures in Welsh A&E units to those of a “war zone“.

Dr Goodall said that “the vast majority of medical conditions do not need emergency care,” with the public encouraged to turn towards alternative methods of healthcare in order to find a solution to their primary care problems. Dr Goodall also highlighted the shocking fact that NHS Wales receives approximately 100,000 calls to its 999 number for issues which are deemed as non-urgent, which end up wasting the time and resources of those who are tasked with handling more serious health concerns.

Accident & Emergency Department


When people are choosing services in the wrong way, bypassing more convenient and accessible primary healthcare solutions and heading straight to A&E, this can seriously impact both the health service and the patient. Hospitals are under increasing pressure as A&E attendances continue to escalate and, as we approach flu season and the winter months, this pressure could harmfully affect the quality of care that patients receive. On top of this, patients who visit A&E unnecessarily are actually waiting far longer to be seen by a nurse or GP than is required.

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Presenteeism Problem Continues As 71% of People Go to Work When Unwell

A new study from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has found that the problem of presenteeism continues to negatively affect businesses in the UK, with a huge 71% of people admitting to having gone to work despite being too unwell to do their job.

The reasons behind why UK workers are reluctant to take sick days range from a tough economic climate to a competitive job market. However, perhaps the greatest contributing factor behind turning up to work unwell is the inconvenience and difficulty that getting an appointment with a doctor at the clinic can present.

While some may believe that staff battling through illness to come into work shows signs of commitment to their employer, presenteeism is actually a major problem for businesses in the UK, with the spread of sickness often resulting in a whole bank, team or department suffering. This costs businesses both valuable man-power and money. Minor illness contribute to 30% of all staff sicknesses – for instance, coughs and colds – which are contagious. Sickness can rapidly spread and those employees who have turned up unwell are actually doing their company more harm than good.

ill staff at work

Thankfully, there is a solution to this growing problem. A week long wait to see a GP is no longer the case thanks to the innovative telehealth solution provided by Now GP. We offer patients instant access to a professional doctor via remote video consultation, at a time to suit them. This eliminates the need for lengthy waiting times and early-morning phone calls to try and get seen on time.

In the United Kingdom, 58 million people wait for over a week for a doctors appointment, with a staggering 286 million unable to get seen on the same day. We’re providing UK workers with a healthcare solution now, and with medicines delivered to a home or office address within hours, we are helping to combat both presenteeism and the spread of staff sickness.

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