Heading on Holiday? Take a Doctor with You with Thomas Cook

Europe’s largest mobile healthcare partnership will connect holidaymakers to a UK-based doctor whilst abroad with the Now GP smartphone app


Thomas Cook has partnered with Now Healthcare Group to become the first travel company to offer customers access to Now GP. The mobile health app connects holidaymakers to UK doctors remotely whilst abroad, providing an enhanced level of care and an even greater peace of mind.

Aiming to boost confidence among travellers and alleviating any cause for concern, medical advice can be sought via smartphone video consultation. If treatment is required, electronic prescriptions can be issued by Now GP and collected from any local EU pharmacy, or used outside the EU for advice purposes.

The partnership, which is the largest mHealth contract in Europe, expands Now GP’s total customer base to over 1 million patients, cementing its status as Europe’s clear market leader in the ever-growing digital health industry.

Now GP has been proven to work on an international scale, recently becoming the only mHealth app to host successful consultations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Now, Thomas Cook customers will be able to speak to a doctor back home at the touch of a button via secure, encrypted cloud-based video call.

Those who have taken out an insurance policy with Thomas Cook (through White Horse Insurance Ireland Ltd) can connect with their choice of qualified, male or female English-speaking doctor online. Customers can travel safe in the knowledge that in the event of illness, face-to-face consultations with a GP via video calls are guaranteed within 10 minutes of a request being made.

With recent statistics have finding that one in five of us fall ill when holidaying abroad, Now GP is a fantastic travel benefit for Thomas Cook customers, particularly for families. Consultations are free for the duration of their time abroad, and the app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

Raising the benchmark among its competitors, Thomas Cook’s newly improved insurance policy reflects the tour operator’s commitment to customer welfare, experience and satisfaction.

Chris Mottershead, Managing Director at Thomas Cook says: “Now GP is a great enhancement to our insurance policy and enables our customers to travel abroad with an even greater peace of mind. Customer welfare and satisfaction is very much at the heart of what we do and it’s through listening to customer feedback that we decided to improve our offering.  We hope that our customers feel even further protected by having free access to an NHS-qualified GP from anywhere in the world where they can connect to the internet.”

Founder & CEO of Now Healthcare Group, Lee Dentith, said: “Now Healthcare Group is thrilled to have partnered with Thomas Cook to provide its customers with a convenient and accessible solution to falling ill or having health concerns whilst on holiday. Those insured by Thomas Cook will be able to connect to a doctor based back in the UK from their smartphone, with our team of qualified GPs able to diagnose them remotely and arrange for medicines to be prescribed from local pharmacies.”



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Now GP Completes First Ever International Consultation from New York City

Now GP has made history by delivering its first ever consultation from New York City via remote video consultation.


Now GP, Europe’s fastest-growing mobile health app created by Now Healthcare Group, has delivered its first ever international medical diagnosis, with a UK patient connected to his UK-based GP from the United States via smartphone video call.

The patient, Karl, was sightseeing in New York City when he began to feel unwell. By connecting with a Now GP doctor via smartphone, he managed to avoid extortionate US medical costs, the struggle to find a clinic in an unfamiliar location and could speak to a doctor who knew his previous medical history.

Karl was comforted by the advice of a familiar face, and was able to enjoy the rest of holiday safe in the knowledge that he could speak to his GP whenever he needed to – at the touch of a button, in the palm of his hand.

Now GP consultation from New York City

Dr La, the GP who conducted the consultation, said:

“It’s very exciting for the company and me personally to have conducted the first ever Now GP international mobile consultation. This really highlights the outstanding reach of our app and how we are able to assist patients wherever they are in the world.”

Those who fall unwell, have health concerns or are looking for reassurances whilst on holiday have previously faced the nightmare scenario of being in need of assistance when in an unfamiliar location. Language issues, where to go to be seen and medical costs are just a few of the many issues holidaymakers are faced with when ill abroad.

A study has shown that a significant number of tourists suffer from weekend or vacation sickness, with headaches, migraines, fatigue, muscular pains and nausea the most commonly-cited causes of such illness.

Founder and CEO of Now GP, Lee Dentith, said:

“Now GP is ensuring our patients that they will no longer be left anxious over their healthcare whilst on holiday, by connecting them to a GP from the UK – wherever they are, whenever they need.

This is part of our ambitions to revolutionise the world of travel healthcare, providing you with reassurance and access to a qualified doctor when you need it the most. We’re thrilled to have conducted our first consultation from outside of the United Kingdom. It’s a huge step forward for Now GP and Now Healthcare Group.”

Case Study*

  • Karl, 17, is on holiday in New York City with his friends
  • After heading to the top of the Empire State Building, he feels dizzy, nauseous and unwell
  • Concerned for his wellbeing, he uses Now GP to connect with Dr La instantly, who he has had previous consultations with and who is aware of his existing medical conditions
  • Karl is reassured by his GP that he is suffering from mild vertigo, and advised to head back down to the street – where he quickly begins to recover
  • Karl avoids extortionate US medical costs, the inconvenience of finding a local clinic, and is calmed by the advice of a familiar face
  • He enjoys the rest of his vacation worry-free, safe in the knowledge that his GP is available at the touch of a button, in the palm of his hand


*Permission granted from the patient for access to his name and image for editorial purposes