Lee Dentith Speaks to Forbes

Entrepreneurship and investment journalist, Jay Kim, recently caught up with our Founder and CEO Lee Dentith in an exclusive interview published for global business magazine Forbes.

Discussing the growing role of health technology and the story behind Lee’s founding of Now Healthcare Group, as well as the company’s plans for the future, the article certainly makes for compelling reading for those with an interest in the digital health sector.

Read Lee’s interview with Forbes in full here.

NHS Expo 2016: Hunt Announces mHealth Integration

The Now GP/Dr Now team are at today’s annual NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester, where Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to announce the arrival of mHealth and app-based online health services into the NHS.

This marks a significant breakthrough for mHealth companies such as ourselves, who have long since championed the benefits that embracing technology can bring to the health service and to its patients.

Hunt will announce later today “a multi-million pound package” to expand digital services across the NHS, which will including a new online triage service to enhance the current 111 service and out of hours care.

Hunt said:

“We live in the age of the smartphone, and we want the NHS to reflect that. Our new plans will make it easier for patients to get the medical support and information they need, and should encourage more of us to use the growing range of online NHS services.”

Services such as our Now GP/Dr Now mHealth can be white-labelled and custom-built for NHS CCGs and surgeries, helping them to combat the problem of waiting times and reduce the strain on the healthcare system and out of hours services. By embracing mHealth apps, the NHS will also be more able to deliver its goal of seven day access by pooling qualified GPs, nurses and specialists into a convenient and accessible healthcare app.

Our app connects patients with independent NHS doctors who deliver advice and diagnosis via remote video consultations. We also have an NHS-registered pharmacy which is able to deliver medicines directly to a patient’s home and serve repeat NHS prescriptions.

As the mHealth industry continues to expand, we’re turning our attention to the power of artificial intelligence, wearable technology and “big data” analytics to direct patients to the care and treatment they need. Early intervention is a key aspect of delivering effective primary care, and we want to allow patients to get the care they need at the earliest opportunity – in some cases, before they even realise they are ill themselves.

We’re delighted with the direction that the NHS is heading and its desire to utilise such innovative technology is very pleasing to see. Look out for more exciting news from Now GP/Dr Now in the near future.

If you would like a white-labelled mobile health app for your surgery or CCG, contact us at partnerships@nowhealthcaregroup.com

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Now GP: Processors, Algorithms and Wearable Health Tech

At Now Healthcare Group, we’re proud of our commitment to the latest innovations in the digital healthcare market. Since launching the Now GP app last year, we’ve made significant progress in our ambition to establish ourselves as the world’s premier pre-emptive healthcare platform. As we head into 2016 at full steam, we’re focusing on the development of complex unique algorithmic solutions which will enhance our mHealth diagnostic platform – utilising the potential that the growing wearable health sector holds.

An exciting announcement from Samsung last week saw the unveiling of a new ‘Bio-Processor’ which will be specifically designed for the monitoring and computing of physiological metrics such as heart rate, skin temperature, body fat, heart rhythm, muscle mass and stress levels. In a nutshell, the new complex data processor will allow us to analyse the human body and its wellbeing in more detail than ever before.

man with smartwatch

The new bio-processor differs from previous pieces of hardware, with its actual CPU an ARM Cortex-M4 – a processor mainly connected with microcontrollers in the industrial and scientific industries. This will increase the capabilities of wearable devices when it comes to health monitoring and analysis.

The wearables market has been of keen interest to the Now GP development team for some time now. We’ve commenced tireless work over the last twelve months testing and developing algorithms and multi-language, diverse coding platforms in order to fully utilise the complete benefits of the latest processing technology – all in an effort to bring it to the market through our app as soon as possible.

With the ever-increasing popularity of smart devices such as the Apple Watch in mind, the Now GP app will be able to provide our patients with a wealth of information to help them analyse their own healthcare trends, monitor their heart rates and much much more – all thanks to potential integration with complex processors such as those developed by the likes of Samsung. Through the introduction of Now GP to wearable devices, the already-popular app will be brought to life even further through this new exciting dimension.

With the Now GP platform already able to diagnose patients and deliver medicines via remote video consultation, wearables integration will further enhance the all-round healthcare offering we provide our users. Look out for more exciting news in 2016!