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Tackle staff sickness

Only 40% of UK businesses monitor their staff’s sickness absence, which collectively costs employers over £29 billion annually. NHS GP appointment times are on the increase, and this could be having a significant impact on your workforce – and your finances.

Now GP offers bespoke corporate packages which can be white-labelled for your business, allowing you to provide employees with convenient healthcare to help eradicate unnecessary absences, stop the spread of sickness and combat the problem of presenteeism.

The Now GP platform can offer your employees access to UK-based NHS GPs via their smartphone, with remote video consultations bookable within minutes. Contac t us to find out more about this must-have employee benefit.

Business benefits

  • iOS & Android

    The Now GP platform is available across multiple mobile devices, including iOS and Android, for convenient on-the-go medical consultations

  • Convenient care

    Your employees can speak to an NHS GP at home, at their desk or on their morning commute

  • Reporting

    Target and monitor sickness trends in your workplace with Now GP’s strategic management reporting system to help eradicate the spread of sickness in your office

  • White-labelled apps

    Create your own branded mHealth app, powered by Now GP’s industry-leading remote healthcare technology

  • Medicine delivery

    Staff can arrange for medicines to be delivered to their home or office, with next day delivery guaranteed nationwide and within 4 hours in central London

  • Reduce absence costs

    The cost of lost productivity to the UK economy is £57 billion – cutting down your staff sickness levels can assist with the reduction of unnecessary expense

Employee benefits

  • Improved access to healthcare

    No more inconvenient trips to the clinic or unnecessary days off work – employees can get the healthcare they need via their mobile device

  • Flexibility

    Woken up feeling ill? See a doctor on your morning commute and have the medicines you need on your desk by lunch time

  • Fit notes

    Fit notes and back to work certificates can be issued by your GP directly via the app

  • Security

    Now GP treats privacy as paramount – all data is kept secure and is hosted on our encrypted platform

  • GP choice

    Speak to a male or female NHS GP of your choice, with doctors filterable by gender and language

  • Medicines delivered to your door

    Get your prescription medication sent directly to your home or, if you need it during working hours, arrange for office delivery

A revolutionary service

Now GP is the world’s first virtual GP service to offer a complete end-to-end primary care solution – appointments bookable within minutes, remote video consultations and medicine delivery.

Covering over one million people, our services have been adopted by businesses of all sizes – from SMEs to large global enterprises – across a broad range of industries – to provide customers and employees with convenient healthcare which is accessible and reliable.

Staffed by NHS GPs with unrivalled experience and medical expertise, Now GP provides users with a convenient solution to primary healthcare access, which continues to be a growing problem for today’s on-the-go society thanks to busier schedules and lengthier NHS waiting times.

Now GP provides your staff and customers with a professional medical opinion in a matter of minutes to eliminate delayed diagnosis and help stop the spread of staff sickness.

White-labelled apps for CCGs & surgeries

The NHS has announced plans to work with leading health technology organisations to transform and better the way that healthcare is accessed in the United Kingdom, acknowledging the enormous potential that mHealth platforms such as Now GP can offer the health service.

With over 340 million GP appointments made annually, and with average waiting times now up to 13 days, attention must turn to mHealth and virtual GP services to ensure that the standard of healthcare received by patients does not fall.

The Now GP platform can be white-labelled and custom-built for NHS CCGs and surgeries, helping them to combat the continued problem of waiting times and reduce the strain on the current system and its out of hours services.

By embracing Now GP’s technology, the NHS will be more able to deliver its goal of seven day access by pooling qualified GPs, nurses and specialists into a convenient and healthcare app. To discuss the idea of a white-labelled app for your surgery or CCG, get in touch with Now GP today.

About our doctors

Now GP has been created to provide customers with remote-based healthcare of the highest quality, through a platform that combines decades of medical expertise with the very latest technology and innovation.

The Now GP medical team have all been trained in the UK and remain UK-based as NHS GPs in their own right. Each doctor is verified via the General Medical Council Registration website, is on the NHS Performer’s List and has full membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Our team are led by our Clinical Director and lead GP, Dr. Andrew Thornber, a doctor of medicine with over 20 years of practicing experience.

We value client feedback and do our utmost to ensure satisfaction levels are consistently high – we continuously develop and enhance our service by analysing integrated feedback forms whilst monitoring the service provided by our doctors.